Why is Great Traits Academy different?

Who is this course for?

The course is for self-starters, life-long learners, someone searching for a meaningful connection with success and happiness.  

The course is for people who want to operationalize and action what might have historically been ideas or dreams. In that sense, this course makes dreams come true.  

The course is for anyone who wants to learn to lead themselves and the people around them to success and happiness. Anyone who’s looking for a system to organize their personal and professional development skills.  

If you want to train with super engaging and fun course work; if you want to be coached by an Olympic legend; if you want to be inspired by an Olympic icon, then WE WANT YOU!  But remember, you do the work. That is the self-starter part.

What will you learn?

  • Your life will be transformed. Guarantee it. When was the last time you were coached by two of the Olympics best?

  • You will see a massive increase in self-awareness; one of the most important elements to achieving success and happiness.

  • You will discover what actually makes you feel successful and happy; be able to clearly define that for yourself at this time in your life. (Hint: It changes over time just as we do!)

  • You will identify your top values and understand how they drive your ability to be successful and happy.

  • You will master the power of your thinking to get breakthrough results.

  • You will overcome procrastination and the fear of failure so that you stop holding yourself back from success and happiness.

  • You will become a master programmer that uses powerful questions to get the most out of your super-computer brain.

  • You will leave with many skills to take teams, or the people you lead, to new levels of success.

  • You will leave with a heightened awareness of the ripple effect you have through the lens of legacy.

An Introduction to Great Traits Academy

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Things You Need to Know!

  • Who are the founders of Great Traits Academy?

    You will be led through the Academy by one of the Olympics most winning coaches, Debbie Muir, and one of the Olympics most inspiring athletes and humanitarian, Mark Tewksbury. Can you imagine having access to a multiple gold medal winning coach who will guide you each step of the way to be your best? Or being inspired monthly by an Olympic Champion celebrated for his fight for human rights with a Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award (2019) and appointed a Companion of the Order of Canada (2020). Between Debbie and Mark, success and happiness are covered from many different angles!

  • What do I get when I join Great Traits Academy?

    First and foremost, you get access to our signature 12-month program, The Self-Starters Guide to Success and Happiness. (See below on more information about that.) In addition, each month you will get exclusive access to Coach Debbie’s High-Performance Tips and Mark’s Inspirational Stories videos. 3 times throughout the 12 months – essentially every 4 months – you will have access to an Assessment and accompanying Report that will inform your Success and Happiness Development Plan. On top of all this, you will also be part of the Great Traits Academy Forum, where you can share your stories, ask your questions, and communicate with other members.

  • How does the Self-Starter’s Guide to Success and Happiness 12-month program work?

    Every athlete goes into their season with a “Yearly Training Plan”. It’s a well thought out guide of what, when, and how to practice so that they are ultimately successful in achieving their goals. Over the 12 months they experience an “Accumulative Effect” and we bring this same experience to you. This is your 12-month training plan that we deliver in bite size chunks at exactly the right time. There are 24 Great Traits that we teach and you train. Each month we will send you 2 new traits to practice and perfect. As the months progress, you will continue practicing what you have learned AND add on two new traits. You can see how it begins to accumulate – in the end you will have mastered the skills you need to find success and happiness for the rest of your life. And, as an added bonus, it’s fun and motivating to do.

  • What is included in each module of the program?

    Each month you will get access to two episodes of Trait Talks, which is an exclusive talk show hosted by Steve Gatenby, who explores with Debbie and Mark each of the 24 traits. Sit back with your coffee and enjoy the conversation highlighting the fundamental elements of success and happiness. You will also receive an audio-visual lesson from Coach Debbie that teaches the trait and explains the exercises to be completed that month. Each trait has its own downloadable workbook. This is where you do the work! It’s like a training log where you can track your progress and watch as each month builds on the last.

  • Timewise, what can I expect?

    The Self-Starter’s Guide to Success and Happiness is a self-guided program designed to be done on your time, at your pace. After watching the Trait Talk video and the audio-visual lesson, the rest of your time will be spent applying the ideas and skills you are learning that month in your life, in real time. How much time you spend on each is really up to you but, generally speaking, the more effort you put in, the better your results will be. You are only given two traits per month because we want you to take the time to practice and perfect them. You will see the interconnectedness of the traits as you progress through the program.

  • Our promise to you.

    We want you to build the skills needed to find success and happiness for the rest of your life. This takes time! But if you are willing to give us a year, learn the traits and apply the exercises we give you, we guarantee that you will transform into a new and better you. This is our promise!

Course Syllabus

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What are Subscribers saying?

“Not only do I feel like I have an amazing new toolbox of skills, but I feel like I understand my life and my purpose so much more clearly after taking this engaging and wonderfully robust program.”

“This program has encouraged me to significantly improve my reflective practice. I’ve always been a big believer in reflection as a critical enabler of personal and professional growth, but the structure that this program created to drive this behavior has generated better results than I have ever previously achieved.”

“One of my biggest takeaways is the importance of self-reflection and the power that understanding yourself internally can have.”


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